Night Braces Guide: Can NightOnly Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?


Night Braces Guide: Can NightOnly Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

  • Published Date: 26 Feb 2021
  • Updated Date: 08 Jul 2021
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Did you know that, according to the Canadian Dental Association, the percentage of Canadians who visit a dental clinic annually is 75%? 86% of Canadians visit a dental clinic at least once every two years.

If you’ve been to a dental clinic recently and found out that your teeth are slightly uneven, you might be interested in getting night braces. You might also have questions about nightonly clear aligners, such as:

“What are the new night time invisible aligners?”

“How are these aligners different from daytime invisible aligners?”

“Do nightonly clear aligners work?”

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then you might be stressed. It can be a difficult decision to choose between daytime invisible aligners, nightonly clear aligners, and ordinary braces.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. Once you know everything you need to about night time aligners, you can decide if they’re right for you. Read on to learn more.

What Are Daytime Invisible Aligners?

To understand whether nightonly clear aligners are right for you, you first need to understand what daytime invisible aligners are. These are clear aligners that you have to wear around 22 hours a day.

They should be in your mouth all the time, except when you’re cleaning your teeth or eating.

Daytime invisible aligners are incredibly effective when it comes to teeth straightening.

They can take as little as 4 months to make your teeth straight. Sometimes, this time amount might be closer to 6 months.

For this reason, if you have moderate or mild spacing issues with your teeth, this daytime version of clear braces is probably your best choice for teeth straightening at home. This means you will get faster treatment.

However, if this isn’t the case for you, then nightonly clear aligners might be better for you. Let’s review what those are now.

What Are The New NightOnly Clear Aligners?

The new nightonly clear aligners are similar to invisible aligners. However, these are night braces, essentially. This means that you only have to wear them for around 10 hours. These are ideal if you only want to wear your teeth straightening aligner at night.

Nightonly clear aligners will take slightly longer to work. You’ll have to wait between 6 and 8 months for the effect of teeth straightening with nightonly clear aligners.

These aligners are made of BPA-free plastic that is thin, just like daytime invisible aligners. This means that they’ll be comfortable enough for you to sleep when wearing them.

They’ll also be safe to wear because they are BPA-free.

The Procedure For NightOnly Clear Aligners

Here’s how the procedure for nightonly clear aligners works. First, you take a quiz online, after which you’ll order an impression kit. Once the impression kit has been returned, you’ll find out if you’ve been approved for the treatment of nightonly clear aligners.

Then, you can decide if you want the treatment. If you do, then you’ll order the nightonly clear aligners online. They should arrive between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on which brand you choose.

Once your night braces arrive, you should wear them every night for 10 continuous hours or longer.

If you wear them this often, then your teeth could be straight in as little as four months. However, if you wear them less than this, the treatment will be less effective.

Throughout the time that you are using the nightonly clear aligners, you’ll get virtual check-ups.

These check-ups will be with an orthodontist or dentist who is qualified. They will do this throughout the whole time you’re being treated. That way, they can ensure that your teeth are moving the way that they are supposed to.

Additionally, these specialists will provide you with virtual models of the movement of your teeth moving slowly. They will do this before you’re sent the next aligner model.

How NightOnly Clear Aligners Are Different From Daytime Invisible Aligners

As we’ve covered already, there are many similarities between nightonly and daytime invisible aligners. They’re made from the same material, and you use them to straighten your teeth. However, there are some differences.

The biggest difference is that you wear these for different amounts of time and at different times.

With daytime invisible aligners, you wear them for 22 hours (at least). You also wear them both at night when you’re sleeping and during your daytime activities. You only take them out when you’re eating or cleaning your teeth.

With NightOnly Clear Aligners, you wear these for 10+ hours every day.

These are worn at night. So, for example, after you’ve had dinner, you might brush your teeth and then put them on. This way, you’ll wear them right before you sleep and then while you’re sleeping.

In the morning, you can take out your nightonly clear aligners before brushing your teeth. Then, you won’t have to put them back in until after you’ve brushed your teeth in the evening.

Another big difference is how quickly these invisible aligners work. With a daytime aligner, it takes between 4 and 6 months for your teeth to become straight. With a nightonly clear aligners, it takes between 6 and 8 months for your teeth to become straight.

Even though it might seem clear that a daytime aligner is the better choice because it takes less time to work, this isn’t necessarily the case.

After all, taking out your invisible aligners in the middle of the office can be a little awkward. One of the advantages of nightonly clear aligners is that wearing your invisible aligner is more private than it is with a daytime aligner.

Do NightOnly Clear Aligners Work?

If you’re asking yourself, “Do nightonly clear aligners?” the answer is yes. Even though they take longer to be effective, they do work. In an interview with Dr. Robee Bailey in Top Rated Dentist, he explained when it makes sense to use an invisible aligner.

He said, “Our adult patients who are in media or speak in front of audiences enjoy them because they are essentially invisible. From a health perspective, because they are removable, it provides better access for oral hygiene care than traditional braces.”

Of course, nightonly clear aligners will only work if you use them properly. Many people may use them only when they sleep.

If you only sleep the 7 to 9 hours recommended by the Canadian government, then you need to wear your night braces before or after you sleep, too.

If you follow this rule, then your teeth should be straight in as little as 6-8 months.

Our Conclusion On Night Braces

If you’re deciding between getting night braces, then it makes sense to put together a list of the pros and cons of nightonly clear aligners specific to you. This is because both aligners work. The difference is that they are simply made to accommodate different lifestyles.

If you work from home, then it might make sense to go with daytime braces. If you work in an office or elsewhere outside of your home, it may be less embarrassing to wear night braces.

Additionally, if you find it difficult to stay organized, you might be better off wearing night braces. This is because you could easily lose your daytime aligners after taking them out for lunch. It’s easier to keep them at home.

However, if you enjoying going out at night, then night braces might not be optimal. As you can see, it’s smart to consider your lifestyle and preferences when deciding between night braces and daytime invisible aligners.

Get a Free Assessment

Now that you know about what night braces are, how they work, and how they compare to daytime invisible aligners, you might be interested in getting a free assessment. This way, you can apply to get an aligner that’s the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

At Alignerco, we offer direct to customer aligners. We can help you straighten your teeth without having to use braces. To get started, all you have to do is get a free assessment, after which you can order your invisible night braces.


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